Mold Making – An Overview

Mold making is the process of creating shaped cavities called molds that are used to manufacture other parts. Molds are often expensive because they are usually made from very strong tool steel that is both costly and difficult to shape. Most molds have to withstand high temperatures and pressures and not wear down significantly throughout making thousands of parts. However, the cost of making a mold is eventually spread out over all the parts it produces and can wind up being very cheap in the long run. A mold allows you to create the shape of the part only once and reproduce it many times at a low cost. Great efforts have been made to reduce the cost of molds, and many mold making processes are now available that create molds from softer materials, like rubber and epoxy. These molds do not last as long as tool steel molds, but they make it possible to cheaply produce a much smaller number of parts than would be required to justify the cost of a steel mold.

Mold making is a central part of modern manufacturing since it makes is possible to produce millions of copies of a part at a tiny cost.

Mold Making Processes Supported

  • Blow Mold

  • Injection Mold

  • Rotational Mold

  • Stack Mold

  • Thermoform Mold

  • Transfer Mold

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