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Fabrication is the process of transforming materials from simple shapes into finished products. Metal is commonly bought in sheets, bars, wires, tubes, and pipes. These simple shapes can be modified and combined into more useful shapes by cutting it, shaping it, and joining it. The advantage of fabrication is that it uses stock material shapes, which are readily available and may already have many of the desired features of the final product. A wide range of parts can be fabricated, from sheet metal enclosures and automotive body panels to the skins of airplanes.

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Common Fabrication Techniques

Metal Fabrication Applications

There's a new source on your horizon. Start sourcing!

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Sheet Metal Fabrication Advantages

Get Quotes for the Following Metal Fabrication Processes! suppliers offer a broad range of machining services.

  • Brake Bending

  • Presswork

  • Punching

  • Stamping

  • Welding

  • Gas Cutting

  • Laser Cutting

  • Plasma Cutting

  • Water Cutting

  • Shearing

  • Deep Drawing

  • Metal Spinning

  • Roll Forming

  • Tube/Wire Bending

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