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Hot or Cold Forging for Strength & Durability

Forging is the technique of shaping hot or cold metal by applying pressure to it in a controlled way. Forces are applied through hammering, pressing or rolling. It is the oldest known method of forming metal and is still essential in industry because it produces parts that are significantly stronger for their weight than parts made by casting or machining. Since forged parts are shaped by making the metal flow into its final shape, the metal takes on a directional grain structure that accounts for the superior strength of the parts.

Forging can be used to produce a single part or many thousands.  Common applications include aerospace and automotive components, tools and hardware.

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Hot vs. Cold Forging

Benefits of Forging

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  • Upset Forging

  • Drop Forging

  • Press Forging

  • Roll Forging

  • Open Die Forging

  • Closed Die Forging

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