CNC Machining Centers
CNC and other technologies are enabling machine shops of all sizes to produce more parts of higher quality, tighter tolerances and at a faster pace than ever before. CNC Machining centers are playing a big role in that advancement. CNC Machining centers are machine tools which are capable of automatically repeating operations on a workpiece. Common operations performed on a machining center include drilling, reaming, tapping, milling, and boring. Utilizing CNC machining centers for production applications makes sense because multiple operations can be performed on a single machine tool platform, reducing work handling and ultimately the cost of production while increasing productivity.

Horizontal CNC Machining Centers
Horizontal CNC machining centers (HMC) are machining centers that operate off of a horizontal spindle. Horizontal machining centers offer clear access to the work area for direct loading by hand, by a robot or by a gantry loader. One the workpiece is positioned; machining operations can be performed on up to five different axes while in the machining center. Chip disposal is simple and efficient. Horizontal machining centers are often preferred if a large amount of material is to be removed from the workpiece.

Vertical CNC Machining Centers
Vertical CNC machining centers (VMC) are machining centers that operate off of a vertical spindle. They too provide the ability to machine complex shapes, undercuts and difficult angles in a single setup. Vertical machining centers are often preferred as they enable the workpiece to be mounted more easily.

Machining Processes

• Horizontal Boring
• Jig Boring
• Vertical Boring
• Broaching / Splining
• Drilling
• Ram EDM
• Wire EDM
• Engraving
• Gear Cutting
• Grinding
• Centerless Grinding
• Cylindrical Grinding
• Flat Grinding
• Internal Grinding
• Jig Grinding
• Honing
• Large Machining
• Multi-axis Machining
• Precision Machining
• Screw Machining
• Swiss Screw Machine
• Turning
• Milling
• Saw Cutting
• Slotting
• Tapping
• Thread Cutting
• Thread Grinding
• Thread Rolling
• CNC Drilling
• CNC Grinding
• CNC Machine Center
• CNC Milling
• CNC Turning