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Marketing for the Digital Age

Because customer perception often determines supplier selection.
Look good. Stand out. Be heard.

In a digital world, manufacturing buyers and engineers are bombarded with supplier choices. All claim to be the best. It is more important than ever to differentiate your company from the competition.  Marketing and ultimately sales success demand that buyers become aware of your company and find your offering uniquely qualified to meet their needs.

SourceHorizon helps you understand your customers and the competition. We differentiate your offering, create powerful marketing collateral, and help you attract new prospects.

Great marketing leads to improved sales

Did you know that 90% of manufacturing buyers and engineers research products and services online before they engage with a company’s salesperson? That’s why your  website and other marketing colleteral must fulfill your business objective. It should create a good impression, accurately describe what you do, and encourage buyers to take the next steps. Marketing starts the process of relationship building and profitable sales.

Our Strategic Marketing Services

Experience a Real Return on Investment

Our marketing services provide a return on that investment that can be measured in raised industry awareness, quality leads, and ultimately increased revenue.

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Advanced MFG Network

Solutions that yield results and help you achieve your company’s sales goals.

We’re A Fit If You…

  • Serve high-tech industries

  • Are aggressively pursuing growth

  • Have advanced quality certifications

  • Have high-quality marketing collateral

  • Need sales coverage nationally

Horizon Partner Program

A unique blend of our sales and marketing services designed for maximum sales impact.

We’re A Fit If You…

  • Want to transform your company

  • Want to be recognized as an industry leader

  • Need help with sales and marketing

  • Need incremental and strategic sales growth

  • Are willing to invest in your future

Marketing Services

Marketing services that raise awareness, generate leads, and increase revenue.

We’re A Fit If You…

  • Need help with branding

  • Need help with your website

  • Need quality marketing collateral

  • Need a steady flow of qualified leads

  • Have a real budget for marketing

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SourceHorizon Enables You To

  • Develop world-class marketing materials

  • Reach a large buying audience

  • Receive qualified sales opportunities

  • Close sales and grow your business

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