Concurrent Marketing and Sales

A proven process to raise industry awareness, attract buyers, generate opportunities, and deliver sales results in as little as 90 days.


Day 0


Review & Plan

We review your company’s position in the marketplace, refine your brand’s message, and formulate a winning strategy.



We get to know your company, set sales goals, and begin delivering real RFQs from our top customers. We hit the ground running!

Day 0

Month 1 Recap

From day one, we hit the ground running. The first month is all about getting to know you, understanding your company, setting goals, and laying the groundwork for future sales success. We work on branding – helping you differentiate your company from the competition. We’ll test the waters by introducing you to some of our best customers and begin the sales process.


Day 0


Develop Collateral

Together, we develop clear, concise, and compelling marketing collateral to put your company’s best foot forward.


Engage Prospects

We engage additional buyers and engineers, discover opportunities, and work together to overcome barriers to sales success.

Day 0

Month 2 Recap

In month two, we’ll build a compelling presentation that is as precise and attractive as the parts you make. If your website needs an overhaul, we’ll create a plan, develop a budget, and get started. On the sales side, we begin to reach out to buyers in earnest. We’ll test your brand’s message, identify and overcome any  barriers to success, and move the sales process forward.


Day 0



We promote your company to top industry buyers through PR, print, digital and social media campaigns to achieve results.


Refine Process & Scale

Together, we refine our sales targets and begin to scale our sales efforts to  reach a much broader buying audience.

Day 0

Month 3 Recap

In month three, we begin to scale our marketing and sales efforts. We’ll push your message out through a number of online and offline channels including the placement of a feature article in a leading industry publication. On the sales side, we revisit our sales targets. Together, we refine our approach, and scale our outreach. We’re off to the races.

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Sales Solutions

Solutions that yield results and help you achieve your company’s sales goals.

We’re A Fit If You…

  • Serve high-tech industries

  • Are aggressively pursuing growth

  • Have advanced quality certifications

  • Have high-quality marketing collateral

  • Need sales coverage nationally

Horizon Partner Program

A unique blend of our sales and marketing services designed for maximum sales impact.

We’re A Fit If You…

  • Want to transform your company

  • Want to be recognized as an industry leader

  • Need help with sales and marketing

  • Need incremental and strategic sales growth

  • Are willing to invest in your future

Marketing Services

Marketing services that raise awareness, generate leads, and increase revenue.

We’re A Fit If You…

  • Need help with branding

  • Need help with your website

  • Need quality marketing collateral

  • Need a steady flow of qualified leads

  • Have a real budget for marketing

Client Testimonials

“Relationships and industry knowledge make all the difference when landing new clients. The team at SourceHorizon bring both to the table. Their experience reduces wasted time when targeting new customers and they qualify deals to make sure they fit what’s best for RCR. All of this makes us smarter and more efficient.”
Mike Brown, VP of Outside Services, Richard Childress Racing

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We can help you grow your business.

SourceHorizon Enables You To

  • Develop world-class marketing materials

  • Reach a large buying audience

  • Receive qualified sales opportunities

  • Close sales and grow your business

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