Lead Nurturing

New prospects are often unaware of your company, the services you offer, and the value your machine shop or job shop brings to the table.  Lead nurturing is a process that educates the buyer, helps you establish credibility, and keeps your company at the top of the buyer’s mind. In short, it makes it more likely that the prospect will choose your company when its time to buy. Lead nurturing is key to building relationships during long, complex sales cycles and is key in winning high-value contracts.

SourceHorizon helps you provide the right information, to the right prospects, at the right time. We will significantly increase the number of qualified opportunities you see and improve your close rate.

Source the Advanced Manufacturing Network

We can help you find the right supplier for your project.

SourceHorizon Enables You To

  • Access a 100% vetted supplier base

  • Improve quality and shorten lead times

  • Get competitive quotes on your project

  • Buy with confidence

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