Lead Generation

Customers are essential to any business. All customers begin as leads. Without lead generation, a sales team cannot be successful. Lead generation is just as important as refining your sales pitch or closing well.

SourceHorizon uses inbound marketing, email marketing, tele-prospecting, and social media channels to generate high-quality leads at scale. We have built an industry leading database that consists of 1,100 high-tech companies and has detailed information on more than 4,500 manufacturing buyers and engineers. More buyers are added every day.

Not all leads are created equal. At the first point of contact, a buyer could be anywhere in the buying cycle. Some are ready to make a final decision. Others are just beginning to explore their options. The type and size of purchase is also a critical factor. SourceHorizon scores leads to ensure they are the right fit for your business and represent a viable opportunity for growth.

Source the Advanced Manufacturing Network

We can help you find the right supplier for your project.

SourceHorizon Enables You To

  • Access a 100% vetted supplier base

  • Improve quality and shorten lead times

  • Get competitive quotes on your project

  • Buy with confidence

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